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Enough With The Diet!

No more! I was on the diet for 3-4 days, when it hit me, at 110, I really don’t need to lose anymore weight, I’m just being silly& unhealthy. Also, my other reasons for trying to lose weight was really dumb, now that I think about it. (It had to do with the e) What was my diet? It consisted of two cups of yogurt, aloe vera juice, and apple sauce. That’s all I was allowed to eat in a day! Crazy right?! Not only was my diet dumb, it was also very hard for me to stay on it. It doesn’t help that I work at a supermarket and was surrounded by food all the time. Well, no more. I’m done with these crazy diets of mine. No more trying to weigh 100 pounds or whatever. I mean I’m 21, I shouldn’t weigh as much as my 14 sister. Anyways, I’m sure there aren’t many guys who would want to date a girl who looks like she can break at any moment.

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