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Hey There!

So…I’ve noticed that these last two months, about 90% of my posts have been guy related and about 95% of the guy posts have been about the ex. That’s a bit much, don’t you think? Well, I’m going to write about other things, not just guys and the ex. I mean, occasionally, maybe I’ll write about them, but I have other interests outside of guys. Honestly. I love football/soccer, tennis, history, and of course writing! So, I just need to post up some things I wrote about the ex and guys etc, then after this month, there will be less posts about them. I wouldn’t want to sound annoying or whatever! Besides, I will be 22 this Saturday, and I think maybe I need to grow up a little! Stop acting like a girl who is still in high school. After all, that’s what my diary/journal is for xD

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