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5 Pounds

I know I said, no more losing weight…but I changed my mind. I want to lose at least 5 pounds. Well, only 5 more pounds. After this, I will definitely stop trying to lose weight. Instead of just starving myself, this time, I’d like to lose weight the right way, ie by running and working out and watching what I eat. My goal is to lose this weight by Spring 🙂

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Enough With The Diet!

No more! I was on the diet for 3-4 days, when it hit me, at 110, I really don’t need to lose anymore weight, I’m just being silly& unhealthy. Also, my other reasons for trying to lose weight was really dumb, now that I think about it. (It had to do with the e) What was my diet? It consisted of two cups of yogurt, aloe vera juice, and apple sauce. That’s all I was allowed to eat in a day! Crazy right?! Not only was my diet dumb, it was also very hard for me to stay on it. It doesn’t help that I work at a supermarket and was surrounded by food all the time. Well, no more. I’m done with these crazy diets of mine. No more trying to weigh 100 pounds or whatever. I mean I’m 21, I shouldn’t weigh as much as my 14 sister. Anyways, I’m sure there aren’t many guys who would want to date a girl who looks like she can break at any moment.

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