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Knott’s Berry Farm Tasting Events 2020

In 2020, most of our travelling plans were cancelled. Many of us were no longer allowed to even visit theme parks. At least that’s the case for us in California, where our theme parks have been closed since Spring 2020. However, Knott’s Berry Farm, a local theme park In Buena Park, California, held multiple food events in 2020. I was lucky enough to have gone to two of them. I enjoyed them and ate so much good food and had fun with my family. I also felt safe thanks to all the safety precautions that was taken at Knott’s Berry Farm. The two I went to were Knott’s Taste of Fall-O-Ween and Knott’s Taste of Merry Farm. Here are some of my favorite foods that I got to taste at each event. (Also included some personal pics.)

Taste of Fall O Ween

Me with two of my younger sisters
Me with some spooky decorations
Caramel apple cheesecake trifle
Boysenberry smoothie
Pumpkin spice acai bowl
Baked macaroni and cheese
Fries with fried jalapeños and hot cheetos
Chocolate funnel cake with chocolate ice cream, gummy worms, and crushed oreos
Deep fried cinnamon bun
Turkey slider with sweet potato waffle fries

Taste of Merry Farm


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