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Low Buy 2021

Starting in February, I plan to start my 2021 low buy challenge. Here are my rules. For the most part, I won’t be buying or spending money on myself or on things for me.

1. No new clothes (for myself)

2. No more skincare or body products until I am finished with the ones I have

3. No shoes (only exception is 1 pair of running shoes that I need since my two running shoes are 5 years old and need to be replaced)

4. I am allowed to spend money on gifts for family, but only one gift each occasion. Exceptions are my daughter and my mom

5. Make a wishlist with everything I want and then wait a few days before buying.

I will be allowed to purchase things, but I need to be more intentional about my purchases. My reason for wanting to cut back on buying things is because I don’t have much space for my things and I want to pay off credit card debt.


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