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Thinx Review

One thing people can do to help the environment is to use Thinx. What are Thinx? Thinx are basically period underwear. When you wear Thinx, you don’t have to wear pads or tampons, unless you have a heavy flow. They have different types of underwear, from thongs to hiphuggers to cheeky. I bought hiphugger, sporty, and cheeky. I wasn’t a fan of the cheeky ones, but the others were very comfortable. They were all very effective. Once you change out of them, you can just wash them with your laundry. Some people might think they are a bit pricey, they range from $24 up to almost $40. I bought them when they had their 30% off sale. I think they are a good investment. They will last you a long time and save you money because you won’t need to keep buying pads or tampons. The best thing is that you will help the environment by not having as much waste.


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