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September Goals Recap and No Goals for October

Here is my recap of my goals for the month of September.

1. Run 30 miles No, ran 0 miles
2. Post 2 videos on YouTube No, didn’t post a single video
3. Sell 25 items on my website or Etsy No, only sold 5 items
4. Publish 5 blog posts No, but was very close. I published 4 blog posts
5. Run virtual Santa Monica 10k No, didn’t run this
6. Read 3 books YES I think I read 4 or 5 books
7. Take lunch to work Yes, I took lunch to work about 80% of the time
8. No fast food or takeout Yes, I didn’t eat fast food or takeout for the whole month
9. Less than 42 hours of phone usage a week No, this was a major fail
10. Run 3 times a week No, didn’t run at all

For the month of October I don’t plan to set any goals. I just feel like I keep setting myself up for failure and disappointment. But I will try to run more, walk more, sell more, write more etc.


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