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Things I Don’t Spend Money on

I am on my journey to minimalism and becoming debt free, here are things I don’t spend money on. Some are things that I used to spend money on and others are things that I never bought because I didn’t see the appeal in them.

  1. Pop toys – I used to buy so many pop toys, i think at one point I had almost 50 pop toys or maybe even up to 80. I was obsessed with trying to collect them. I no longer buy these because they might only be $10 each but they add up. I kept a few of them and now my 3 year old plays with them.
  2. Hair products – I don’t do much to my hair, all I need is shampoo and hair conditioner. I probably spend maybe $50 a year on hair products
  3. Newest electronics – I only buy electronics when the ones I have no longer work. I never understood the need to upgrade a phone or smart watch every year. It seems wasteful to me, bad for the environment, and I can use that money for better things.
  4. Beauty procedures like botox, fillers plastic surgery – I am at the age where people start doing botox and doing things to their faces to look young. I am not judging people who do that, but that’s not something that I plan to do.
  5. Hair cuts and hair services – I get a haircut maybe once a year or every two years. I don’t go and get my hair done because that’s something that isn’t important to me.
  6. Nails done – I’ve never gone to get my nails done. Having nails done has never been for me and the kind of jobs I’ve had. I paint my nails once in a while, but don’t go to salons.
  7. Starbucks – Another thing i don’t understand is the people who go to Starbucks every single day. I probably go to Starbucks maybe one or twice a year.
  8. Lularoe leggings – Many years ago I had a collection of about 30 Lularoe leggings. The biggest reason I stopped buying them is because they are an MLM and I don’t support them. Another reason is that they are pricey and not the best quality.
  9. Makeup – I don’t wear makeup, I used to wear eyeliner but after the pandemic I became very lazy and just like to wakeup, brush my teeth, put on sunscreen, and head out the door.
  10. Water bottles – I like taking my reusable water bottle, so much better for my wallet and the planet.
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Thinx Review

One thing people can do to help the environment is to use Thinx. What are Thinx? Thinx are basically period underwear. When you wear Thinx, you don’t have to wear pads or tampons, unless you have a heavy flow. They have different types of underwear, from thongs to hiphuggers to cheeky. I bought hiphugger, sporty, and cheeky. I wasn’t a fan of the cheeky ones, but the others were very comfortable. They were all very effective. Once you change out of them, you can just wash them with your laundry. Some people might think they are a bit pricey, they range from $24 up to almost $40. I bought them when they had their 30% off sale. I think they are a good investment. They will last you a long time and save you money because you won’t need to keep buying pads or tampons. The best thing is that you will help the environment by not having as much waste.