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9 Months Into No New Clothes Challenge

We are now into September and I have really surprised myself at how well I am doing on this no new clothes challenge. The only clothes I am allowed to buy during this time is socks, underwear, and bras, all of which are necessities. Other than these items, I have bought myself only one item of clothing and that was a pair of running shorts that were around $11 and I needed them to run. I am not upset about that because it was a purchase that I made intentionally and I shopped around to get a good deal.

The biggest reason I have been able to do this is because I am part of a Buy Nothing group. A buy nothing group is a group in a local neighborhood where members give away items they no longer need, such as clothing, food, furniture, toys, etc. It is a way to help each other out, as well as prevent more trash from going to landfills. I have been given a lot of clothes from here, including pants for work, dresses, shirts, etc. I am so grateful for them and it has helped me save money on myself.

Since I have made it this far without spending much money on myself on new clothes, I believe that I can go the rest of the year without buying myself new clothes.


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