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If I Won the Lottery

I’m sure there are millions of people who dream of winning the lottery. Imagine suddenly winning over 100 million dollars? I can’t imagine having that much money honestly. But if I ever did win the lottery, there are a few things I would definitely do with the money.

1. Pay off debts.
Not just my debts (which isn’t a lot), but I would also help my mom and grandma pay off their debts as well.

2. Buy a car
It wouldn’t be a super fancy, expensive car. A Toyota or Honda would be fine. However, I would get a car of the year

3. Travel to Europe
I would probably have to make two trips, one trip to Europe with my boyfriend and another trip with my family. Or we could all go together and I alternate who I spend time with lol

4. Buy a house
With all that money, I wouldn’t have to rent anymore. I could easily buy a house nearby.

5. Travel around the United States

Also with my bf and family

6. Open a soccer store with my bf

We would sell jerseys, jackets, anything soccer related

7. Own bakery or t shirt store


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