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How to Cut back on Using Your Phone

So many people are so addicted to their phones. To them, their phone is essential. They can’t be without their phones. There are people who use their phone for 8+ hours a day! I admit that sometimes I spend too much time on my phone, either using social media or texting or just browsing on YouTube.

If you feel like you need to cut back on using your phone, then this is for you.

  1. Set a limit on what time you can use your phone. For example, I stop using my phone after 8pm and on my days off, I won’t use my phone before 7am. Of course this is different for many people because our schedules are all different. The best thing to do is stop using your phone an hour before you go to sleep and don’t use your phone until you’ve been awake for an hour.
  2. Stop using your phone while eating. So many people do this as well.
  3. Don’t take your phone into the bathroom with you
  4. Find a hobby that doesn’t include your phone, things like writing, reading, running, working out, gardening, the choices are endless!
  5. Create “phone free” zones. This could be at your job or home. Just keep your phone out of sight and focus on your job, kids, or cleaning.

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