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March Goals Recap and April Goals

Here’s my recap for my March goals

1. Run 30 miles

Did this, ran exactly 30 miles with only two runs, a 5k and a full marathon, the LA Marathon to be exact. Ran a little more because of all the crowds

2. Read 5 books

I actually ended up reading 8 books

3. Taking part in Meatless March

I started this and only ended up doing this for about 10/11 days.

4. Use phone less than 45 hours a week

I did so well in the first two weeks, but after we were told to stay at home, my phone usage definitely went up.

5. Post 5 posts on my blog

I was so close! only posted 4 posts

6. Post 3 videos on Youtube

Did not post a single video on YouTube because I couldn’t come up with an idea for any videos



April Goals

I am not setting any goals for April. I hope I can eat out less, run more, walk more, read more, and use my phone less, but I won’t be upset or mad at myself if I don’t. Right now we are being told to stay at home as much as possible because of the covid19, aka the coronavirus. The most important thing for me is to stay healthy and keep my daughter healthy and also help keep my family healthy during these tough times.

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