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No Instagram or TikTok for 30 Days

I didn’t use Instagram or TikTok for 30 days. Giving up TikTok was easy, but I definitely missed Instagram. I’m so used to posting everything there. Anytime I went somewhere, I reached for my phone and was ready to post a picture until I remembered that I had deleted the app.

I decided to take a break because I felt like I was wasting my time using these two apps. It was hard at first. Some people can handle having the apps on their phones and resist using them, but I knew I needed to deleted them completely from my phone.

Once my 30 days were up, I installed both again. However, within 2 days, I deleted the TikTok app because I could see it was just a waste of time for me. That was 2 weeks ago and I honestly don’t miss it at all. I did keep Instagram and do use it, but not as often as before. I’ll go on for about 5-10 minutes and then find other things to do.

When I first gave up both of these apps, I turned to YouTube and noticed I was spending way too much time on YouTube and playing games. It’s hard to find screen free things to do especially with the crazy weather we had last month in California. We had so many cold and rainy days, all I wanted to do was stay inside and be on my phone or tablet. Now that the weather is getting better, I plan to spend more time outside, whether it’s going for a hike, walk, run, or taking my daughter to the park.

I feel like I can still improve my screen time and phone usage. I am not where I want to be yet, but I am getting better and better at it.

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2023 Goals and Bucket List

Here are 23 things I want to accomplish or do this year. Some things on my list are really easy and don’t take much time, effort, or money, and others are very difficult. I decided to break it up into different categories.


  1. Weekend in San Diego
  2. Trip to Las Vegas


  1. Run 200 miles
  2. Run half marathon under 2.5 hours
  3. Run 10k under 1 hour
  4. Run 5k under 30 minutes
  5. Run full marathon under 6 hours


  1. Read 50 books
  2. Get my own place
  3. Go on 5 hikes
  4. Make bread from scratch
  5. Publish 1 book


  1. Emergency fund $3,000
  2. Pay off Dentist CC
  3. Pay off Target CC
  4. Pay off Walmart CC
  5. Pay off Capitol One
  6. Pay off Chase 1
  7. Pay off Chase 2
  8. Pay off Amazon CC
  9. Become monetised on YouTube
  10. Reach 1,000 followers on Instagram
  11. Reach 1,000 followers on TikTok
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October 2022 Goals Recap

  1. Read 5 books * Read more than 10 books.
  2. Have 250 followers on TikTok x I got to 200 followers, which is great considering I had been stuck at 160 for a while.
  3. Have 800 followers on Instagram x Still suck at 750 or so.
  4. Take my daughter to Knott’s Spooky Farm * We got to stop by twice
  5. Run 30 miles * Ran 31 miles
  6. Grocery budget $300 x Was a little bit over, spent about $305
  7. Take my daughter to Universal Studios Hollywood *We went twice to Universal Studios
  8. spend less than $60 on fast food and take out x Major fail, I spent a little over $150on fast food and eating out
  9. Walk or run every day x No, I had too many excuses.
  10. 10 days using phone less than 5.5 hours x I was so close, had 9 days
  11. 15 days using phone less than 6 hours x Was also close here, I had 12 days
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Updating My 2022 Bucket List

I think it’s time I update my bucket list for this year. I’m modifying some because I know I won’t be able to do them this year.


Save $2,000

Grocery budget $350 a month


1,000 followers on Instagram (Athena Rose)

3,000 followers on Tiktok (Athena Rose)


Run 150 miles

Run a half marathon under 2.5 hours

Run a 10k under 1 hour

Run a 5k under 30 minutes


Read 50 books


Seattle and Portland weeklong Birthday Trip

Weekend in Las Vegas

Visit San Diego with Selena

Visit Svang for a day with my family


Take Selena to the LA Zoo

Disneyland with Selena and my family

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2021 Goals and Bucket List Recap

Here’s how i did with my 2021 goals.


1. Run 300 Miles x I only ran 116 miles

2. Run a 10k in under 56 minutes x came very close, fastest 10k was 60 minutes

3. Run a 5k in under 26 minutes x not close at all, my 5k races were all over 29 minutes

4. Run a half marathon under 2 hours x nope, my half marathons were all over 2 hours and 30 mins

5. Run a full marathon in under 5 hours x ran the LA Marathon in 6 hours


1. Save $1,000 in emergency fund * I saved twice this amount

2. Pay off 5 credit cards and loans – Mom, BOA, Phone, PayPal, and Capital One * I paid all of these off


1. Start Selena’s Sweets * yes, i started and even did 2 pop ups


1. Quit my job *yes, I quit in September

2. Spend weekend in San Diego and visit San Diego Zoo with Selena x went to San Diego, but not with Selena

3. Spend weekend in San Francisco with Selena x no, i didn’t go to San Francisco this year