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Updating My 2022 Bucket List

I think it’s time I update my bucket list for this year. I’m modifying some because I know I won’t be able to do them this year.


Save $2,000

Grocery budget $350 a month


1,000 followers on Instagram (Athena Rose)

3,000 followers on Tiktok (Athena Rose)


Run 150 miles

Run a half marathon under 2.5 hours

Run a 10k under 1 hour

Run a 5k under 30 minutes


Read 50 books


Seattle and Portland weeklong Birthday Trip

Weekend in Las Vegas

Visit San Diego with Selena

Visit Svang for a day with my family


Take Selena to the LA Zoo

Disneyland with Selena and my family

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2021 Goals and Bucket List Recap

Here’s how i did with my 2021 goals.


1. Run 300 Miles x I only ran 116 miles

2. Run a 10k in under 56 minutes x came very close, fastest 10k was 60 minutes

3. Run a 5k in under 26 minutes x not close at all, my 5k races were all over 29 minutes

4. Run a half marathon under 2 hours x nope, my half marathons were all over 2 hours and 30 mins

5. Run a full marathon in under 5 hours x ran the LA Marathon in 6 hours


1. Save $1,000 in emergency fund * I saved twice this amount

2. Pay off 5 credit cards and loans – Mom, BOA, Phone, PayPal, and Capital One * I paid all of these off


1. Start Selena’s Sweets * yes, i started and even did 2 pop ups


1. Quit my job *yes, I quit in September

2. Spend weekend in San Diego and visit San Diego Zoo with Selena x went to San Diego, but not with Selena

3. Spend weekend in San Francisco with Selena x no, i didn’t go to San Francisco this year

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April Goals

We have been in a pandemic for over a year now and I am not sure if I can continue to blame my lack of motivation for not accomplishing my goals on that. I will try really hard to set and accomplish goals this month. Here are 5 goals that I set for myself. They might seem easy, but I have been struggling a lot, so I wanted to make it easy on myself.

  1. Read 3 books
  2. Post five times on my blog
  3. Run 40 miles
  4. Watch YouTube only 2 times a week
  5. Cut back on phone usage
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January 2021 Goals

Starting off 2021 by setting a few goals for myself. The last half of 2020 didn’t go too well for me and I didn’t meet most goals. Here are some easy ones I know I can accomplish this month.

1. Post 5 times on my blog

2. Run at least 32 miles to celebrate my bday and Selena’s bday

3. Run 3 times a week

4. Take lunch to work

5. Workout once a week (this doesn’t include my runs)

6. No buying fast food

7. Read 5 books

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How to Cut back on Using Your Phone

So many people are so addicted to their phones. To them, their phone is essential. They can’t be without their phones. There are people who use their phone for 8+ hours a day! I admit that sometimes I spend too much time on my phone, either using social media or texting or just browsing on YouTube.

If you feel like you need to cut back on using your phone, then this is for you.

  1. Set a limit on what time you can use your phone. For example, I stop using my phone after 8pm and on my days off, I won’t use my phone before 7am. Of course this is different for many people because our schedules are all different. The best thing to do is stop using your phone an hour before you go to sleep and don’t use your phone until you’ve been awake for an hour.
  2. Stop using your phone while eating. So many people do this as well.
  3. Don’t take your phone into the bathroom with you
  4. Find a hobby that doesn’t include your phone, things like writing, reading, running, working out, gardening, the choices are endless!
  5. Create “phone free” zones. This could be at your job or home. Just keep your phone out of sight and focus on your job, kids, or cleaning.