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We Are Moving…Again!

A few days ago, my mom told us that we will be moving soon. We have one month to find a house to move into. She got a letter in the mail saying that the owner of the house we currently live in is selling the property. That is what happened in our last home, which is how we ended up moving here. We have lived here about a year and a half now and I really like our neighborhood and city. It’s the first time that I actually really liked where we were living. I am super upset about the fact that we have to move because I really like this area, it’s close to my job and moving in general is such a hassle. Now that I have my baby it’ll be even more of a hassle for me. I have so much stuff to pack and unpack, I feel like it will take me forever to get everything ready. I will try to enjoy my last month living here in Alhambra. I think what really sucks about when we have to move is the fact that it’s basically two weeks before Christmas. I wish they would’ve at least given us until the beginning of 2020 to move out. But we need to leave by December 15th. We are still currently looking for a new home, I hope we can find one in time.

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