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LA County Fair

Last month, I went to the LA County Fair with Selena and the rest of my family. Even though she couldn’t do much, the rest of us had fun. We walked around, the kids got on rides, and ate some good food! I got to try rainbow grilled cheese sandwich, it was so good!

One of the things that we love about going to the LA County Fair is getting to see all the farm animals. Selena was too small to go and touch them, but the rest of us got to walk around and pet the goats. We are city kids and don’t spend much time around farm animals. My siblings would freak out every time a goat got too close to them. It was too funny.

Next year she will be 1 year and a half when we go and I am sure she will have more fun. She will probably be running around everywhere!Somehow she spent most of the time at the fair asleep.


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