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10 Things to do Before I Graduate College

After many years at a community college (earning my AA degree) and many years at a university, I will finally be graduating this year and getting my bachelor’s degree in history! Before I am done with school forever, I would like to do a few things. Some might be simple and others might be harder to achieve. I have about two months to do these 🙂

1. Pull an all nighter √
2. Take pics with college landscapes
3. Decorate graduation cap
4. Attend a school sports event
5. Have an awesome spring break √
6. Go a week without using social media (March 20- March 26)
7. Go a week without watching tv, Netflix, hulu, etc (April)
8. Go vegetarian for a month (Meatless March) √
9. Clean my room and keep it clean for the rest of the school year
10. Dye my hair a different color √


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