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Meatless March pt2

I did it! I lasted all of March  (31 days) without eating any meat, this included chicken, tuna, seafood, beef, pork, etc.  I honestly did not think I could do it. Some days were easy. Other days were a little bit harder. Going out with my bf and eating dinner at home was a challenge for me. There were so many days that I wanted to give up and eat chicken or tuna, but I just kept telling myself it was only for one month.

I tried some new food during this time. There are many different mock meats to try.  I found out that I like veggie burgers and veggie deli meat. I didn’t like veggie hot dogs however. I also ate more vegetables and whole foods. Since I couldn’t eat meay, i ended up avoiding fast food places most of the time. 

I don’t think I will continue being a vegetarian,  it is too difficult for me. However, I will try going meatless once or twice a week. 


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