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Esteban Granero at Jot Down (II)

following Real Madrid...

Here’s the second part of the Esteban Granero Jot Down interview.  In this part, he talks about the cantera, quotes Nietzsche and says he prefers reading books to tweeting.  A man after my own heart.

Does Cristiano descend from the mountain when he’s not on the field?

He’s on the mountain because he’s a player who lives at the summit.  He demands that of himself.  He’s so good and so determinant that he’s there, and that’s his place.  He’s affectionate, understanding, a good friend to his friends and a good teammate to his teammates.  Regrettably, the image he has off the field does not correspond to reality, because envy tends to discredit a footballer when he’s that high up.  But he doesn’t need to come down from the mountain.  He’s up there due to his own merits.  I hope he continues there.  One can be a good person and…

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