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Esteban Granero at Jot Down (III)

following Real Madrid...

Here’s the last part of the Esteban Granero Jot Down interview, which is probably the most personal segment (my favorite kind), as the magazine delves into Esteban’s literary, musical and film tastes.

You shared a photo of many books: Valle Inclán, Maupassant, Gil de Biedma, Bukowski, Carver, Kafka, Miguel Hernández… have you read all of them already?

I’ve read all of them.  The Valle Inclán one was good.  You have to become the language, at least that’s how it is for me.  There are some things that you need to read twice.  I’m not used to the language from another time, one that is so literary, and I had to use the dictionary.  But el esperpento [a type of theater developed by Valle Inclán] is still very much present now.  I believe that works from that era are good ones to read, it was so complicated…

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