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Esteban Granero at Jot Down (I)

love this interview with my fave player 🙂

following Real Madrid...

The Jot Down interview with Esteban Granero is out, and it’s a fantastic one, although there’s probably too much talk about psychology in the beginning, which made translating the interview quite tedious.  It’s great to see this philosophical side of El Pirata, and once again we are reminded that he is one very special footballer, and I’m not speaking about his skills on the field.  But, if you can’t be bothered to read the interview or just don’t have time, then take a look at the photos, because they are gorgeous (the whole set can be found here).  I love that the interview and the photo shoot took place at the Biblioteca Nacional!  Anyway, here’s the first part of the interview, just the first section, because I’ve translated enough for today and I have other things on my agenda!

A Real Madrid footballer who studies psychology.  Looking back, he’s…

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