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Boysenberry Festival 2022

I’ve been going to the Boysenberry Festival at Knott’s Berry Farm since it started and I was so happy to go back! Here are a few of the food and drinks I tasted while I was there.

Took my daughter om my second trip to the Boysenberry Festival

My favorite food was the chicken pozole
My favorite drink was the boysenberry icee float with boysenberry soft serve
Also got boysenberry BBQ sauce meatballs with mashed potatoes, elote, acai bowl, boysenberry pie bar, boysenberry rocky road brownie, and a boysenberry mudslide.

I’m pretty happy with my choices, everything tasted so good.

A few goodies I got on my first trip
Got the boysenberry beef grilled cheese with fries on my second trip
Very tasty boysenberry mousse cake
More goodies I got from the second trip
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Which Theme Park Holiday Sandwich was the best?

Top one is from Disneyland, bottom left is from Knott’s Berry Farm, and bottom right is from Universal Studios.

This month I tried the holiday sandwiches from Disneyland, Knott’s Berry Farm, and Universal Studios. The ones from Disneyland and Universal Studios were between $12.50-$13 and the one from Knott’s Berry Farm was $15.


I loved that the one from Disneyland had gravy on the side, so I could put some on each bite and the whole sandwich didn’t get soggy. I also like that it came with their homemade chips, those were pretty good. One complaint was the kind of bread they used. I think this was worth the price and I ate it all.

Universal Studios

This one didn’t have any cranberry, but the whole thing tasted amazing. I love the french bread they used for the sandwich. It was worth the price, I just wish they had included chips or fries with it.

Knott’s Berry Farm

This one was the most expensive one at $15. This one came with french fries. This was the biggest portion of all three sandwiches. My one complaint was that it had so much gravy that it made the bread very soggy. It would’ve been better if the gravy had been on the side like the one from Disneyland. I enjoyed this sandwich, but found the price too steep. Also, i couldn’t finish the whole thing as the portion was too much for me.

All three sandwiches were very good. However, my personal favorite was the one from Universal Studios. I would definitely get that one again.