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October 2022 Goals Recap

  1. Read 5 books * Read more than 10 books.
  2. Have 250 followers on TikTok x I got to 200 followers, which is great considering I had been stuck at 160 for a while.
  3. Have 800 followers on Instagram x Still suck at 750 or so.
  4. Take my daughter to Knott’s Spooky Farm * We got to stop by twice
  5. Run 30 miles * Ran 31 miles
  6. Grocery budget $300 x Was a little bit over, spent about $305
  7. Take my daughter to Universal Studios Hollywood *We went twice to Universal Studios
  8. spend less than $60 on fast food and take out x Major fail, I spent a little over $150on fast food and eating out
  9. Walk or run every day x No, I had too many excuses.
  10. 10 days using phone less than 5.5 hours x I was so close, had 9 days
  11. 15 days using phone less than 6 hours x Was also close here, I had 12 days

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