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2021 Goals and Bucket List Recap

Here’s how i did with my 2021 goals.


1. Run 300 Miles x I only ran 116 miles

2. Run a 10k in under 56 minutes x came very close, fastest 10k was 60 minutes

3. Run a 5k in under 26 minutes x not close at all, my 5k races were all over 29 minutes

4. Run a half marathon under 2 hours x nope, my half marathons were all over 2 hours and 30 mins

5. Run a full marathon in under 5 hours x ran the LA Marathon in 6 hours


1. Save $1,000 in emergency fund * I saved twice this amount

2. Pay off 5 credit cards and loans – Mom, BOA, Phone, PayPal, and Capital One * I paid all of these off


1. Start Selena’s Sweets * yes, i started and even did 2 pop ups


1. Quit my job *yes, I quit in September

2. Spend weekend in San Diego and visit San Diego Zoo with Selena x went to San Diego, but not with Selena

3. Spend weekend in San Francisco with Selena x no, i didn’t go to San Francisco this year


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