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25 Things to Do Before Turning 30

When I was 27 or 28 years old, I started making a list of things that I wanted to do before I turned 30 years old. Then along came the pandemic and quarantine and bans on traveling and it affected many things on my list. So I revised my list and chose things that seemed “easy” for me to accomplish. However, even those were difficult for me. Here are both lists and I’ll mark which ones I was able to do and which ones I wasn’t. I turn 30 years old next week, so I don’t think I can accomplish any of these before then. I will be adding a few of these to my 2021 bucket list.

1. Start Selena’s Sweets x

2. Dopey Challenge 2021 x

3. Run a 8 minute mile x

4. Quit my job x

5. Publish two novels on Amazon kindle x

6. Have 1,000 followers on personal Instagram x

7. Have 500 YouTube subscribers x

8. Trip to Las Vegas with Destiny x

9. Weekend in San Francisco with family x

10. Weekend in Nashville with Gioavanna x

11. Pay off 5 credit cards x

12. Run a full marathon under 5 hours x

13. Run a half marathon under 2 hours x

14. Have an emergency Fund of $1,000 x

15. Do 25 pushups non stop x

16. Travel to a new state

17. Get a manicure x

18. Dye my hair x

19. Learn German x

20. Run 30 miles nonstop x

21. Weigh at least 115 pounds x

22. Finish paying mom back x

23. Buy a new phone * I did this!

24. Get a new laptop * also did this

25. Finish paying grandma x

As you can see, I only accomplished two things on this list, buying a new phone and a new laptop. I am hoping to accomplish more in 2021, though I have zero plans of travelling this year.


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