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Boysenberry Festival 2019

In April, Knott’s Berry Farm had their annual Boysenberry festival. I have the season pass for Knott’s and I love boysenberries, so of course I had to go. This was their 5th year and I have gone every year. Most years I only go once, but this year I decided to go twice. They had some new food items this year. Most of the food I tried was good. However, there were a couple disappointments.

Here is how I rate the food items at Knott’s Berry Farm’s Boysenberry Festival




Boysenberry Icee Float A++

This is my favorite drink. It’s basically an boysenberry flavored icee inside of a boyseberry flavored soft serve, so good. I first tried it last year and couldn’t wait to get it this year. got it during both visits to the festival.


Boysemberry Cheesecake on a Stick B

Had this last year, it’s pretty good. Very sweet though.


Boysenberry Waffles B-

This was good, but not something I would eat more than once

Boysenberry tortilla chips with boysenberry ice cream B

This was good, also very sweet


Boysenberry Grilled Cheese Sandwich B+

I love grilled cheese sandwiches and this one was really good!


Boysenberry chicken wings A-

One of my favorites from the Boysenberry Festival

Pot roast w mashed potatoes C+

The pot roast was really good!! However, I did not like the mashed potatoes at all!!! Which is what brought the grade down. I did not enjoy eating mashed potatoes with little boysenberries inside of it.

Chicken Skewers A

This was for sure my favorite food to eat at the Boysenberry Festival! On my first visit I got this twice! They ran out when I was in line during my second visit.

(I forgot to get a picture of the hummus, oops!)

Boysenberry hummus B-

This was okay, nothing too special about it.


Baked boysenberry mac and cheese A-

I did not expect to like it, but I really enjoyed this one. I loved the baked mac and cheese and the habanero sauce wasn’t too spicy.


Boysenberry dole whip float B-

So disappointing. I wish that it had more ice cream than what it came with.


Boysenberry steak w cream cheese topping A-

This was my second favorite food at the Boysenberry Festival. So good!


Boysenberry pulled pork tostada C+

Not a big fan of pork, which is why this has a low grade, but it did taste good.


Boysenberry elote

I love eating elote and this was good. My sister enjoyed it so much that she got 3 of them!

Overall, I enjoyed the food and can’t wait for the Boyseberry Festival in 2020!

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