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Farewell Retail Life

After 5 long years, my time as a cashier at a supermarket have come to an end. It wasn’t all bad but there are a lot of things I defnitely won’t miss. I will miss some of my co-workers and friends that I made over the last five years. Here are the things I won’t miss. 

1. I won’t miss working holidays, people seem to be even worse around holidays esp during Thanksgiving and Christmas.

2. People asking the dumbest questions, one example is “are you open/closed” (without bothering to look at the light)

3. Customers who want to argue about prices when something is lik 20 cents more than they expected.

4. People not reading the tags and getting upset when they don’t get the sale price because they didn’t get the minimum or they got more than the limit.

5. When people with 15+ items go into the express line and get mad when you tell them to go to another checkstand. 

6. People who are rude, they either ignore you when you greet them or ask you questions while you’re helping someone else. 


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