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Farewell Retail Life

After 5 long years, my time as a cashier at a supermarket have come to an end. It wasn’t all bad but there are a lot of things I defnitely won’t miss. I will miss some of my co-workers and friends that I made over the last five years. Here are the things I won’t miss. 

1. I won’t miss working holidays, people seem to be even worse around holidays esp during Thanksgiving and Christmas.

2. People asking the dumbest questions, one example is “are you open/closed” (without bothering to look at the light)

3. Customers who want to argue about prices when something is lik 20 cents more than they expected.

4. People not reading the tags and getting upset when they don’t get the sale price because they didn’t get the minimum or they got more than the limit.

5. When people with 15+ items go into the express line and get mad when you tell them to go to another checkstand. 

6. People who are rude, they either ignore you when you greet them or ask you questions while you’re helping someone else. 

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Do’s and Don’ts of Being a Customer

Having worked at a grocery store for nearly 4 years now and dealing with customers on a daily basis, I can say that I have seen many types of customers and dealt with many problems. Here are some things you should and should not do as a customer. They can apply to any grocery store, retail store, restaurant, etc. they would help make our days so much better!

1. Look to see if the light is on (or off) before asking us if we are open. Usually light on means we’re open, light off means we’re closed. If you’re not sure, you can ask, but check first! It gets annoying having to repeat ourselves over and over again because of customers being too lazy.

2. Please get off your phones during your transaction. Even if your cashier isn’t talking to you, being on the phone is rude, whether you’re just texting or making a call. it isn’t that difficult to stay off your phone for 3-5 minutes. Besides the fact that it’s rude, people who use their phone aren’t paying attention so the cashiers has to keep repeating themselves and people on their phones tend to be much slower in packing their bags and paying for their things.

3. If an employee is walking out of the store, to the bathroom, if they are on their phone, or have headphones on, DO NOT BOTHER THEM!!! They are most likely on their break. This is the only time they have to rest, so don’t waste their time. Look for someone who is clearly working and can help you.

4. We are not a bank. Try not to pay using a $100 bill if your bill comes out to $20 or less. We might not have change or if we do, you will basically wipe out our tills. Go to the bank first and get smaller bills if you have to.

5. Learn to be patient. No one likes to wait, but waiting 5-10 mins in line is nothing to get upset about. Complaining loudly or yelling at the cashier won’t make the lines go faster.

6. If we greet you, don’t be rude and ignore us. Or worse, don’t interrupt us to say “I have 3 cases of water” or whatever. Your rudeness will annoy your cashier and they might not be as friendly as if you had just answered our greeting then told us what you had.

7. Once you pay us and we open our register, don’t say “Oh, I have the change”. We are usually in a hurry with the customers and don’t want to end up short on money just because you are trying to get rid of change.

8. If their is a sign that says 10 items or less (or 15, 20 items or less) DO NOT go into that line if you clearly have a cart full of groceries. If we tell you to go to another line, don’t complain, don’t say you’re not doing anything, or ignore us. Just leave. We can get in trouble with other customers who might then go complain to our managers because we let someone in that line with more than 10 items.

9. If you get a basket, please empty it out yourselves. Don’t expect us to do it for you. This slows down our line and many of us will just dump everything on the conveyor belt at once. Also, this is a hassle for us short people who ca barely reach into the baskets in the first place.

10. If we ask how many you have of an item (whether it’s bakery goods or fruit), tell us HOW MANY, not how much. For example, if we ask you how many bell peppers you have, say 3 or 4, don’t say $2 worth. It’s much easier for us.

11. Don’t start unloading your items until the person in front of you has finished unloading all of their groceries. This is very inconsiderate of you and the other peson might not have enough room to put their groceries

12. Use the dividers. That’s why they are there. we don’t know who the groceries belong to, especially when everything is so close to each other. We might just charge everything together and then the customer will get mad at us, even if it’s their fault for not using the dividers.

13. Remember your manners! Please and thank you are still important. If you decide you don’t want an item, let us know and we will gladly take it off for you, but ask us politely “Can you please remove the fruit? thank you” Don’t just be so demanding and say, “I don’t want that, take it off.”

14. If you don’t want an item, give it to your cashier. Don’t just leave it around the store, ESPECIALLY if it is a meat product, dairy, or any other frozen item, which could go bad if left out and then we can’t sell it.

15. Read the whole sign. If there is a sale, make sure you read if there is a minimum that you need to buy or if there is a limit.

16. Don’t try to give us your money before we have even started your transaction.

17. Don’t hit on or flirt with your cashier. Whether you are a male or female, this is never okay. We are there to work, not to get hit on. You making comments to us makes us uncomfortable. Understand that we are only being nice because of the who customer service thing.

18. Don’t say racist things or sexist jokes.

19. Don’t open or eat anything before you’ve paid for it, especially things like fruit. Many of the fruits we sell are sold by weight. We can’t just charge you for a single banana or apple without weighing it first. Plus, most of the fruit should be washed anyways before eating it, so that’s also pretty gross.

20. If we tell you the chip reader doesn’t work and you need to swipe your card, just listen to us. We know what we’re talking about.

21. Don’t make the same jokes we heard over and over. Ie, “I just made that” (when we check your $50/$100 bill), “You look bored” (when we are at the checkstand with no customers.”

22. If we close at 10pm, don’t come to the store at 955pm and stay for half an hour just browsing. We want to go home too.

23. Paying in change is a big no-no. Especially when it’s more than $10. It slows down the line and is a hassle for us to count. Also, don’t pay in singles if it’s more than $20.

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Worst Things About Being a Cashier

I mean to write this last week, but after the drs I was too tired, then last week wasn’t the best week, but anyway, I’m finally posting up the worst things about being a cashier. (I work at a supermarket. I’ve been cahier for about a year and three months.)

1. When people write checks

It’s rare to get customers that pay with checks, but when I do get a customer like that, they usually take forever writing everything down. I’m not the most patient person, so that’s one reason I dislike this. Plus the whole process takes a while and the other customers get impatient and upset with me because they think it’s my fault that it’s taking so long.

2. When people forget to use dividers

A lot of time people don’t put dividers and then they get upset when I charge everything together, when in reality they have no reason to be upset. Most of the time, if they don’t use a divider, everything looks like it belongs t the same customer, how am I supposed to know that they’re separate transactions without the dividers? What’s worse is that when I void the items, I have to call a head cashier and on busy days, it takes a while for them to get there and the customers get upset with me even though it’s their fault.

3. When people put a bunch of coins or folded up dollar bills and expect me to count it for them

I don’t understand why people are so lazy to count their own money. I hate having to waste my time doing that when it’s not even part of my job.

4. When customers don’t separate WIC items

I don’t mind too much when people use WIC (unless they have like 10 WIC vouchers, then I somewhat mind because that can take a while). But what I do hate is they just put all their groceries together and expect me to know they have WIC. I’m not a mind reader, you need to let me know that you have WIC and separate the WIC items! It’s not that hard.

5. When customers are on their phones

I understand that sometimes the lines are long and it gets boring just waiting. But that doesn’t mean you should be on your phone when I’m ringing you up. I try greeting the customer, but they don’t even respond. Then when I tell them their total, I have to repeat myself a few times because they’re not paying attention. To make things worse, some people continue to be on their phones while bagging their groceries and they are sooo slow! Not only does that annoy me, but it annoys the customers who are behind them and in a hurry.

6. Customers leaving their items in a basket and expecting me to take their things out for them

Another way people show their laziness. I don’t understand why people expect me to do this for them. that’s not part of my job. My job is to charge them for their groceries, not be their maid and take out their items for them. How hard is it to take the things out? Other people don’t have a hard time. By making me take out their items for them, they’re making me waste my time as well as the customers behind them.

7. When people ask if I’m open

This one should be common sense. If the light is on, I’m open. If the light is off, I’m closed. Instead of asking me whether I’m open or closed, just take a few seconds to look up at the light. Then put your stuff down if I’m open, or go away if I’m closed!

8. People who ask me for help when I’m on my break, lunch, or leaving work

At my job, we only get 10 min breaks (although some people might take longer than that). I want to enjoy my few mins that I get, so go ask another customer. Sometimes they see that I’m not in my work clothes or that I’m about to enter the break room and they still ask me for help.

9. When customers try to make small talk

The reason I don’t like this is because I like to do my job fast and not have to keep the customers waiting (otherwise they’ll start complaining). All I want to do is just ring them up and help the customer. I’m not saying I’m rude, I say hello, smile, and say goodbye, but I don’t want to know about your personal life.

10. When customers try to argue about prices

Once in a while, the price is wrong, either in the ad or in the tag. However, most of the time, people just don’t pay attention to the labels! They just see a sign and think it’s for the item they’re buying but in reality, it’s for the product next to it. Even worse, I’ll call someone to check the price and when they come back and they the tell the customer the price, but they continue to argue so we have to call the manager to solve this problem.

11. People who go into the express line (10 items or less) with way more than 10 items

We have a sign that lets the customers know that it’s an express lane. Either some people don’t read the sign or they just choose to ignore it. Even if we tell them we can’t help them because they have more than 10 items, they start to get upset. I’ve had customers flat out ignore me and just put all their 30/40+ items. Then other customers complain and get mad at me like if it’s my fault.

12. Kids who ask for everything and when they don’t get what they want, the whine and cry until the parents give in

It wouldn’t bother me if the kids just quietly asked for whatever it is they wanted, but they don’t do that. Instead they throw tantrums and continue to do so until their parents give in. It’s so annoying to hear and makes me not want to ever have kids. I don’t know why parents can’t just say no and stick to it. Your child won’t die if they don’t get that candy or cheap toy that will break in a few days.

13. Throwing their money on the counter instead of handing it to me

This is something else I find really rude. Especially when I stretch my hand out to take the money and they just throw it or they put it down far away from me, as if I had stretchable arms or something.

14. When customers expect us to bring an item to them just because they forget it

This is really unfair to other customers who have to wait an extra 5 mins or so just because a customer forgot to get bread or whatever. We’re not slaves, we shouldn’t have to go get things for you. If you forget something, just come back or pay what you owe so I can help the other customers while you go get what you forgot.

15. When people complain about something costing a few cents more than they expected

I’ve had customers complain about something costing 10 or 20 cents more than they expected. A lot of times this happens because the customers don’t read the tag or ad right, so they don’t notice that they have to buy a certain number of that product in order to get the cheaper price.

16. When people get upset with me because their cards are declined and they take it out on me

People have accused me of trying to charge them twice or doing something wrong when their cards are declined. If your card is declined, don’t take it out on me, maybe you don’t have enough money or you’re doing something wrong, not me.

17. People who complain about how long the line is or how slow it’s moving

This isn’t always the cashier’s fault for this. Sometimes the customer keeps asking questions about what they bought, taking forever to pay, or if they asked for something to be brought to them, that holds up the line too. Another thing that holds up the line is when a customer decides they don’t want an item anymore, so I have to void it. In order to do that, I need to call a head cashier. Sometimes they come right away, other times, it takes them a while.

You might be wondering, if I hate all these things about working as a cashier, why don’t I just quit or get a better job? Well, there are a few things I like about my job. For one thing, some of my coworkers. I’ve met some really nice people there, made some really great friends. The managers and head cashiers are really good as well. They’re very flexible with the schedules. If we have school, which many cashiers do, they’re willing to work around their schedule, not many employers do that. I admit, for it being my first job (yes, I got my first job at 21, I’ve been ther4e almost 2 years already) the pay is not so bad. I don’t plan on staying there forever, but while I finish school and get my degree, it’s a pretty good place to work. (in spite of these things that customers do to annoy me)