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RIP Chester Bennington

First of all, I want to say what a shock it was to see the news that Chester Bennington, lead singer of Linkin Park, committed suicide. I first saw it on Instagram but thought it was fake. I went on Facebook and saw that many news stations had posted the story. Normally I do not get emotional over celebrities passing away, it is sad but I don’t know them personally. This death was different.

Although I listen to mostly country music, I grew up listening to music like Linkin Park, My Chemical Romance, Evanescence, to name a few. I could relate to the lyrics in Linkin Park’s song. They have helped me through hard times and I know I am not alone. Looking at my Facebook feed, it seems that so many people I know are affected by this loss. It is a heartbreaking loss, not only for the music business, but for the world. Linkin Park’s music helped so many people here around the United States and outside the United States. Linkin Park is one of those bands that is liked by so many people regardless of what genre of music they like. You can listen to hip hop, rock, rap, country, pop etc. and Linkin Park is still one of your favorite bands.


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