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7 Things I Love About Summer

I’m a few weeks late, but summer is here! I admit  that it isn’t my favorite season, because I can’t handle the heat where I live, but there are a few things i like about summer. Here are my top things I love about summer.

1. Going to the beach with my bf and family

Sure the beach is available all year round here in California, but from reason summer time equals beach time here. My favorite beach to visit is Santa Monica but I plan to visit Huntington Beach and Venice Beach this summet.

2. County fairs

I love going to the county fairs. Whether it’s the OC Fair or LA County Fair, I enjoy both. County fairs are known for having crazy good dishes that you can’t try anywhere else, such as fried cheesecake, chocolate covered butter etc. It’s fun for me to try new food each time I go. I also like going on the rides and seeing all the farm animals. I’m a city girl so it isn’t too often I get to see pigs, cows, goats, and all the other animals they have at county fairs. 

3. Swimming

I’m not the best swimmer, but I do know the basics. I love being able to swim a few times a week during the summer. It’s so fun and relaxing. Going to the pool near my house can also be a good morning workout for me.

4. Summer dresses

Normally I live in t-shirts and jeans. But during the summer I love wearing summer, flowery dresses. The One time of the year I dress girly. I have a small collection of cute dresses I save just for the summer. 

5. Summer fruits

I am generally a healthy person and I love eating fruit as a snack instead of candy. During summer, so many of my favorite fruits are in season. I love eating watermelon, nectarines, strawberries, plums, and peaches. Sometimes these fruits are available at other times in the year but they just don’t taste as good. 

6. Travelling

Whether it’s travelling to another city in a road trip with my family or another state with friends, summer is the best time to explore new places. It gives us some change in our everyday routine. Something to look forward to. Something we can talk about for the next few months. 

7. Farmer’s Market

Since I love summer fruit, it shouldn’t be a surprised that I like going to farmer’s markets. You can find one in almost any city, usually Saturday mornings. I like walking around seeing what fruits and other goodies they have. Of course I also love the samples!


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