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Finally got my driver’s license!

I know, it’s about time, after all, I am 24 already. But for some reason, I didn’t really care at first whether I had my license or not. But I started caring once I worked with a bunch of people who are younger than me and they all have their licenses. I took the test the first after my 24th bday back in January, but I failed bc I didn’t have enough driving experience. My grandpa was teaching me but it was too hard for me to learn in his car. Decided to take driving lessons. It was about $200 or so and my permit was going to expire a week after my driving test, so I had to pass. I practiced almost every day for two hours for a week and when Friday came, using was ready. Went to DMV, waited 40 minutes and took the test. Was very nervous, but I passed on the second try 🙂


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