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First Week of School

Although I’ve been going to school for over 15+ years, I still always get nervous about the first day of school. I’m not really sure why tbh. Anyways, this semester, I’m only taking one class (yay!) but it’s math class (boo). Well, it wasn’t so bad. I mean, it’s like it will be one of my favorite classes, it is math after all, but the teacher wasn’t that bad. From what I read about him on , I was expecting him to have a really thick accent and that i would have trouble understanding him. I can understand him which is good lol I don’t really like that we have to do our homework online, but we have a week to finish our homework so that’s good. Oh and of course, there’s a cute guy in my class. Not just any cute guy, he’s a soccer player! When I used to write for my school newspaper, I would cover the men’s soccer team here and he was one of the starters. Well, anyways, my goal is to pass this class and finally get out of here! I’m aiming for an A, though I’d settle for a B tbh


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