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Wow, it’s been 3 weeks since I’ve written here. Not entirely my fault, a few weeks ago, my laptop just stopped working -.- But that didn’t keep me from writing! I’ve had to go back to the old way of writing, ie paper and pen. Well I have so much to say! I won’t be able to type it all today because unfortunately, I had to go to the library to use it and I’m running out of time -.- Sometime this week, I will be posting up my favorite soccer/football memories of 2012, my goals for 2013, as well as some things I wrote about a few people in my lives. Remember, I did say I was letting my inner Taylor Swift (or Adele, whichever you prefer) come out!

What has happened over the last 3 weeks? A lot! lol I’ll try to write about that more this week. How am I? Well…..I’ve been better, just glad that I have someone I can count on to be there for me, even when he’s not here (he’s in a different country!) I’m glad that I can tell him anything and even though we disagree sometimes and I’m sure he gets tired of me talking about certain people, he’s still there for me 🙂 I can’t wait for him to get back already lol I’ve also been writing Chelsea Confidential, which I will start posting up sometime this week as well. Time has run out, bye for now! 🙂


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