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the Iker book – part VI

following Real Madrid...

And we continue with the memories of Iker’s mother…

Memories of his mother: Mari Carmen Fernández on Iker.

I had Iker when I was 22 years old.  In other words, I was just a child myself.  But I’ve always been very responsible.  I studied and I worked.  I liked to plan my life very well, but my planning failed when I got pregnant.

Football doesn’t interest me in the least.  Zero.  But it seems that my life was marked by those who were around me, and they did like football.  My boyfriend, who would later become my husband, loved football, as did one of my first bosses.  I was working then in media planning, and my boss, José María Martínez Rovira, was such a big fan of football that a few years back, he ran for the presidency of Barça, which was won by Laporta.  Meanwhile, José Luis was sent…

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