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Monday Night Raw June 26 2017

I took my sister Angelina to Monday Night Raw. This was my fourth time going to Monday Night Raw and the second time this year. Before going there, we went to Little Damage and Bottega Louie for some treats. 

Bottega Louie is one of my favorite places in Downtown get treats. My favorite things they have there are macarons and beignets. They have so many treats for anyone who has a sweet tooth. I try to go there every time I go to Downtown L.A. I usually get raspberry macaroons and raspberry filled beignets.

This was my first time going to Little Damage, which was about a block away from Bottega Louie. My younger sister Destiny had told me about it. They have charcoal ice cream and charcoal cones. At first I thought it was strange, then I decided to see why it was so popular. I ended up getting the avocado ice cream, which was vegan. It was so good. I would definitely go again.

Earlier in the day, I took Angelina and my other sister Aleah to meet Bayley. We waited about 3 hours but it was worth it because my sisters were so happy. Barley had a meet and greet in Compton from 11am to 1pm. After what happened last time when I went to see Charlotte but didn’t get to meet her because we got there too late, I made sure we got to Bayley’s signing as early as possible. We got there at 9am,two hours early, and we were surprised to see that there was already at least 50 people in line. I read my book while we waited and they played around. We finally got to meet Bayley around 1230pm or so. Angelina gave her a bracelet and we went back home. 

Angelina didn’t know we were going to Monday Night Raw. I kept Tina surprise until we actually went inside the Staples Center. That’s when I pulled Out or Roman Reigns shirts and told her why we were there. Monday Night Raw was fun. We were upset that we didn’t get to see Charlotte or The New Day, but it was cool seeing Cesaro and Sheamus. Angelina and I were both huge fans of Enzo Amore and Big Cass, so we were upset when they split up. For a moment it looked like they were going to fix things but Big Cass attacked Enzo again! 

It was also cool seeing the women, Sasha Banks is my favorite on Monday Night Raw. We also saw Ema, Bayley, Nia Jax, and Alexa Bliss. We also watched the cruiserweight division. Neville is our favorite. My sister also likes Cedric Alexander.

Next time we go I will take my sisters Angelina and Aleah. They want to dress up. Aleah said she wants to be Bayley and Angelina wants to be Sasha Banks. I might dress up as well, but I haven’t decided which female superstar I should dress as. 

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Monday Night Raw

Earlier this year, in April, I went to see Monday Night Raw at the Staples Center with just my boyfriend. Last month, I went to the Staples Center with my boyfriend and his friend to watch WWE Monday Night Raw. This time it was only half the roster there. I still had fun anyways because we had pretty good seats. We sat on the side where the wrestlers came out from. Some of my favorite people that I saw were Roman Reigns, Sasha Banks, and the New Day. We also saw Charlotte, Enzo and Big Cass, Jericho, and Kevin Owens.

Can’t wait for December. They will be back. This time I will be going with my sister Angelina. I hope she enjoys it, it will be her first time seeing Monday Night Raw in person. We will definitely take a couple signs that day!

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Wrestlemania 32

When I was younger, I used to like watching wrestling. This was back when WWWE was WWF. When I started middle school, I decided that I wasn’t into it anymore for whatever reason. I recently started watching again last year, thanks to my bf who was like oh we should watch Monday Night Raw together. When he said that, I was like are you serious? So I agreed and we started watching a couple times a month. At first I didn’t know any of the wrestlers, but then I started to have favorites.

This year, somehow, I was given Sunday off from work without having to request it. I watched Wrestlemania 32, which was my first Wrestlemania ever, with my younger sisters and younger brother. We made pizza and had junk food. We managed to watch the pre show and the whole show before my sisters had to get ready for school the next day.

Two of the preshow matches that I liked were the Usos beating the Dudley Boyz in the tag team match and the 10 Divas tag team match. The Usos are my favorite tag team in WWE, I always root for them. I even like them more than the New Day. In the Divas tag team match, I was rooting for Team Total Divas aka Brie Bella (my favorite), Natalya, Paige, Eva Marie, and Alicia Fox. They were going against Team B.A.D and Blonde aka Naomi, Summer Rae, Emma, Tamina, and Lana. Team Total Divas won their match as well.

There were a few good matches. Not all the people I was rooting for won, however. Dean Ambrose had a match with Brock Lesnar, but unfortunately he lost. After this match, they had the match for the Women’s Championship. It was a 3 way match with Charlotte, Becky Lynch, and Sasha Banks. I was rooting for Sasha Banks, but I would’ve been okay with Becky Lynch winning. In the end though, Charlotte won. Ugh. I got to see The Undertake win against Shane McMahon in Hell in a Cell, that was good. The one moment everyone was talking about was when Shane Mcmahon jumped off the top of the cage and tried to land on the Undertaker. Lucky for the Undertaker, he moved out just in time.

The main event of the night was the WWE World Heavyweight Championship match between Triple (who was the current champion at the time) and Roman Reigns (my favorite). In the weeks leading up to Wrestlemania, the two of them had a lot of run ins on Monday Night Raw and other pay per view events. For the most part, Triple H seemed to have the advantage. I honestly thought he was going to win. But I was really happy to see Roman Reigns win even though I know not too many people like him for some reason.