February Goals Recap

Here is my quick recap of my February goals 🙂

  1. Read 5 books – did this
  2. Run 30 miles – came close, ran 2 miles in February
  3. Watch tv only twice a week- did this!
  4. No eating out – only spent money eating out one time
  5. No spending any money on anything unnecessary – spent some money on unnecessary things
  6. Taking 3 day social media breaks each week- did this, with Facebook and Twitter
  7. No shopping at Target- went twice, but this was an improvement from January, when I had about 15-18 orders

Ranking Taylor Swift’s Albums

I first started listening to Taylor Swift back in 2008/2009 during my senior year of high school. Her music has definitely changed over the last 10 years or so. I am still a fan of Taylor Swift, though not as much as before. Her music is still good, but it’s not what I grew up with. Fun fact, my daughter’s middle name is Taylor, yes after Taylor Swift.

1. Speak Now (2010) A++

Best Song: Last Kiss

This is basically her best album and no one can convince me otherwise. I don’t think there is a single bad song on this album. Her best song, not only on this album, but in all her music, is Last Kiss. I also really like Enchanted, Story of us, Never Grow Up, to name a few.

2. Fearless (2008) A

This is the album that made her famous. It was her second album and it still had some country influence. Love Story is probably the one song that everyone heard when it came out. It is definitely the song that made me a Taylor Swift fan. However, my favorite song is Tell Me Why because I can relate to the lyrics.

Best Song: Tell me Why

3. Red (2012) A-

In this album, she started going pop. I like a few songs from here, including the popular songs like We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together and I Knew You Were Trouble.

Best Song: We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together

4. Taylor Swift (2006) B+

This is her debut album. Her most famous song is Teardrops on my Guitar. I like this song, but it’s my fourth favorite from this album, after Should’ve Said No and Cold as You. My number one song is A Perfectly Good Heart. This is an underrated song. It is lyrically one of her best songs.

Best Song: A Perfectly Good Heart

5. 1989 (2014) B

This is considered Taylor Swift’s official first pop album. While it wasn’t what I was used to hearing from Taylor Swift,

Best Song: Wildest Dreams

6. Lover (2019) B-

This album was just released last year. I haven’t heard many songs from it, so I can’t really judge it. The only two songs that I have heard are Me and Lover.

Best Song: Lover

7. Reputation (2017) C-

This is definitely my least favorite Taylor Swift album. I get that she was experimenting with her sound, but I don’t like it. The lyrics in many songs were good, but I just didn’t like the sound. One example of a song that I really liked the lyrics is Are You Ready for it. While the lyrics were good, I didn’t like the beat or how she sang the song.

Best Song: Gorgeous


4 Weeks of Being/Eating Vegan, Paleo, Keto, and Whole 30

I really like trying challenges. It’s been a while since I have done one. Next month  plan to take part in Meatless March. I also plan to do a week-long challenge of being vegan, paleo, keto, and whole 30. I know I have been eating very unhealthy. The hardest part of this challenge is having to cook for myself. I’ve gotten a bit lazy and only eat whatever I buy or what my mom or grandma cook. I feel like being a vegan for a week will bee the hardest thing. I did that once before and felt so week and had low energy when it was over. 

The Olsen Twins Influence

I grew up being a huge fan of Ashley and Mary Kate Olsen, aka the Olsen Twins. For those who don’t know, they got their start as babies in Full House. I grew up watching them play Michelle Tanner. Later on, I would watch their other movies, tv shows, read the books they came out in, played with the barbies they sold, and even played video games made after them. As you can see, I was a really big fan of them. To this day, I still have many of their books and dvds.

They have inspired me in so many ways. They are the reason I decided I wanted to start my own business. Not only start a business, but start my own brand. They created a brand of many products that they used to sell at Walmart, such as clothes, books, dolls, etc. This is still my dream, though I am working on this very slowly.

They are also the reason I spent 10 years wanting to go to the Mall of America, which I did in December 2014 with my sister. We had so much fun on our first trip together.

Because of the Olsen twins,  I also wanted to be a clothes designer and go to FIDM. Two of my friends and I were planning to start a clothing line called TMS. That didn’t happen because I realized I don’t have a good sense of fashion, but at least I got to visit FIDM when I was younger.

These are a few ways that the Olsen Twins have inspired me over the last 20 years or so. I hope that 2020 is the year I can finally reach my goals and make the 9 year old me proud.


12 Months Postpartum

I have officially been a mom for 1 year. It has been such a roller coaster journey for me. Don’t get me wrong, I love being Selena’s mom. But I admit that it has been more difficult than I had imagined. I honestly don’t know what I would have done without my mom, sister, and grandma. They all helped me so much, especially my mom.

I have learned so much in the first year of raising a baby. It has been so hard to be a mom and work. I would have loved to stay home with the baby for the first year at least, but here in the United States, many of us don’t have the option to stay at home and not work. Working is a necessity for many of us who have to raise our babies. I was lucky enough that for the first year of Selena’s life, she was taken care of by only family. Right now I currently have a part time job, which is a struggle because sometimes it is hard to budget all the bills and everything I need for Selena on such a small income. However, if I had a full time job, that would be more time that I would have to spend away from Selena.

My goal for this year is to make enough money with my businesses so I can spend more time with Selena and finally move out and get a house for just the two of us. If for some reason, my businesses don’t take off by the end of the year, I will most likely start applying for a full time job.