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2022 Goals Recap

Last year was a rough year for me financially. I didn’t work for abour 8-9 months which means I didn’t really get to accomplish my financial goals or traveling goals. Maybe 2023 will be different. Here are the goals I had set for 2022 and how i did.


Pay off all my credit cards X I had paid off a few but then charged a few back because I wasn’t working and had bills and things to pay.

Save $5,000 X I saved $2,000 but used that for bills when I was unemployed.

Grocery budget $350 a month X Only 4 months I spent less than $350


1,000 followers on Instagram (Athena Rose) X Not even close, I have a little over 200 followers

10,000 followers on Tiktok (Athena Rose) X I’ve been stuck at 700/750 followers for a while now

Make 4 figures every month X LOL NOPE


Run 250 miles X Only ran 147 miles

Run a half marathon under 2.5 hours X nope

Run a 10k under 1 hour X nope

Run a 5k under 30 minutes X nope


Read 50 books * This was easy, read more than 200 books.

No Amazon shopping X didnt’ do this, but i did cut back a lot on shopping on amazon


Seattle and Portland weeklong Birthday Trip * Yes, we went to Seattle and Portland. Had fun and plan to go back this year

Weekend in Las Vegas X Nope

Weekend in Arizona X Nope, but maybe this year

Week in Texas X Nope


Take Selena to the LA Zoo * We went a few times

Disneyland *We went in December

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December 2022 Goals Recap

I didn’t do so well on my December goals unfortunately.

  1. Grocery budget $400 X I spent a little over $500
  2. Run 5 times X Didn’t run a single time
  3. Walk 15 times * I started walking to work from the parking lot which takes me about 20 minutes
  4. 7,000 steps a day * I accomplished this most days
  5. Read 5 books * Easiest goal for me to accomplish
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November 2022 Goals Recap

Here’s how I did last month on my November goals.

  1. Read 10 books * I read way more than 10 books
  2. Limit fast food/eating out to 10 times * I only went out to eat 8 times
  3. Run 20 miles x I only ran once in the entire month
  4. Walk 15 times x Not sure how many times I went for a walk, but it wasn’t 15 times
  5. $300 grocery budget x I spent $381.32
  6. Start my new job *I started my new job and have been there 2 weeks already
  7. 300 followers on TikTok x I have a little over 200 followers still
  8. Make 10 TikTok videos x Made less than 10 videos
  9. Post 10 times on my blog x Only posted 3 times
  10. Post 2 videos on YouTube x Didn’t post a single video on YouTube