Unintentionally Inappropriate

lol pretty funny xD

Juice Boxes and Glue Sticks

School starts in less than a month. So that’s happening.

I decided it was probably important to get back into my classroom and try to put some sort of plan into action for the year. So I sat down to do some lesson planning. I started with math. I flipped through the pages of the kid’s textbook and came across this photo/caption combo:

IMG_2115How unfortunate.

Naturally, because I have the mind of an adolescent boy (making you proud mom and dad), I laughed out loud to myself at Matthew’s tri-testicle situation. Then I wondered how many children’s books there must be out there that have unintentionally inappropriate circumstances and quotes like this one.

After a quick visit to my local libraries and several Barnes and Nobles, it’s safe to say that there are some truly messed up children’s books out there. And now I will share them with you:


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What Love Does (And Doesn’t) Look Like

James Michael Sama

Why do people who love you always lie to you and think it’s okay?

Why do people who love you try to change you?

Why do people who love you prevent you from doing what you love?

These are just a few of the questions I see pop up on my newsfeed every once in awhile, all with the same answer:

They don’t.


People who truly love you, do not do these, or other negative things to you. People who really love you will not betray your trust. They will not lie to you, especially repeatedly. Love is a product of honesty, trust, and mutual respect – without those things you cannot have real love.

This may be infatuation masquerading as love. This may be someone who is trying to control you by making you think that they love you. This may be someone you are attached to who you…

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Footballers I Like or Find Attractive from Clubs I Hate

The title is self explanatory, right? I was bored when I made this list, so yeah. Check out the footballers I picked =P Btw, I decided to separate by league, to make it easier. EPL Arsenal I absolutely dislike Arsenal, but I admit, they have some players I like, whether as footballers or people (as…