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Low Buy Year 2022

Last year I decided to do a no buy year but failed. I think the problem was that I expected to go from shopaholic to not buying a single thing. This year I will do a low buy year, which means I won’t be as strict, but still plan to be more intentional about my purchases. Everyone has different rules based on where they are in their lives. These are my rules for 2022.

Can’t Buy/Spend Money

Clothes for me

Shoes for me

Subscriptions (once special prices run out)




Disney Emoji Blitz


Toys for Selena

Notebooks and pens

Can’t Buy Until I Run Out



Shampoo Bars

Lip Balm


Can Buy

1 pair of running shoes

Race entries

Business supplies

Clothes for Selena


Fast Food (1-2 times a month)

I’ll do a recap at the end of the month to see how it’s going for me. Excited for this challenge and to see everyone else who is participating too!

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25 Things to Do Before Turning 30

When I was 27 or 28 years old, I started making a list of things that I wanted to do before I turned 30 years old. Then along came the pandemic and quarantine and bans on traveling and it affected many things on my list. So I revised my list and chose things that seemed “easy” for me to accomplish. However, even those were difficult for me. Here are both lists and I’ll mark which ones I was able to do and which ones I wasn’t. I turn 30 years old next week, so I don’t think I can accomplish any of these before then. I will be adding a few of these to my 2021 bucket list.

1. Start Selena’s Sweets x

2. Dopey Challenge 2021 x

3. Run a 8 minute mile x

4. Quit my job x

5. Publish two novels on Amazon kindle x

6. Have 1,000 followers on personal Instagram x

7. Have 500 YouTube subscribers x

8. Trip to Las Vegas with Destiny x

9. Weekend in San Francisco with family x

10. Weekend in Nashville with Gioavanna x

11. Pay off 5 credit cards x

12. Run a full marathon under 5 hours x

13. Run a half marathon under 2 hours x

14. Have an emergency Fund of $1,000 x

15. Do 25 pushups non stop x

16. Travel to a new state

17. Get a manicure x

18. Dye my hair x

19. Learn German x

20. Run 30 miles nonstop x

21. Weigh at least 115 pounds x

22. Finish paying mom back x

23. Buy a new phone * I did this!

24. Get a new laptop * also did this

25. Finish paying grandma x

As you can see, I only accomplished two things on this list, buying a new phone and a new laptop. I am hoping to accomplish more in 2021, though I have zero plans of travelling this year.

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June Goals Recap

These were my goals from June. Sadly, I failed most of them.

Use my phone less than 36 hours a week, this comes out to a little under 6 hours a day

-I came few two weeks, but the next two weeks I used my phone about 38-42 hours each week

No streaming services aka Netflix, Prime, or Hulu

-Watched Netflix one day and watched Hulu another day, only because I forgot to cancel my Hulu account before I was charged, oops!
Only shop on Amazon once

-I shopped there 9 times!
No Twitter, Facebook, or Snapchat

-Posted once or twice on Snapchat, once on Twitter, and posted once on Facebook, though I went on almost every single day
Run 20 miles

-This was one of the few goals I accomplished. I ran 21 miles in June, including a virtual OC Half Marathon
No shopping at Target

-Shopped at Target twice, which isn’t too bad
20 No spend days

-Not sure how many no spend days I had, but it wasn’t close to 20 days
Read 7 books

I did this goal too, Read about 10 books last month.
No fast food

-Had fast food twice
No YouTube

_I watched YouTube at least 5 days a week

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No Posts In June

I just realized that it’s July 6th and I didn’t post a single post last month in June. Fail! I had a few posts started, but June was such a crazy month, I didn’t finish any. To make up for that, I will try to post at least 7 times this month, including this one. Later this week, I will be posting my June recaps and July goals. Also later this week, my newly designed website for Athena Rose will be launching, so stay tuned for that. Thanks, see you next time!

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May Goals

I posted this on Instagram but forgot to post it here. Better late than never I guess! Here are my goals for this month. I have been doing a good job on them, with the exception of my running goals.

1. 10,000 steps daily

2. No Twitter

3. No shopping at Walmart or Target

4. Run 30 miles

5. Watch TV only 2 times a week

6. Use phone less than 6 hours a day

7. Post 3 videos in YouTube

8. Write 5 posts for my blog

9. No fast food

10. Read 4 books