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No Posts In June

I just realized that it’s July 6th and I didn’t post a single post last month in June. Fail! I had a few posts started, but June was such a crazy month, I didn’t finish any. To make up for that, I will try to post at least 7 times this month, including this one. Later this week, I will be posting my June recaps and July goals. Also later this week, my newly designed website for Athena Rose will be launching, so stay tuned for that. Thanks, see you next time!

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May Goals

I posted this on Instagram but forgot to post it here. Better late than never I guess! Here are my goals for this month. I have been doing a good job on them, with the exception of my running goals.

1. 10,000 steps daily

2. No Twitter

3. No shopping at Walmart or Target

4. Run 30 miles

5. Watch TV only 2 times a week

6. Use phone less than 6 hours a day

7. Post 3 videos in YouTube

8. Write 5 posts for my blog

9. No fast food

10. Read 4 books

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February Goals Recap

Here is my quick recap of my February goals 🙂

  1. Read 5 books – did this
  2. Run 30 miles – came close, ran 2 miles in February
  3. Watch tv only twice a week- did this!
  4. No eating out – only spent money eating out one time
  5. No spending any money on anything unnecessary – spent some money on unnecessary things
  6. Taking 3 day social media breaks each week- did this, with Facebook and Twitter
  7. No shopping at Target- went twice, but this was an improvement from January, when I had about 15-18 orders
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April Goals

A few days late, but here are my goals for April!

1. Run 20 miles

2. Read 10 books

3. Have 23-25 No Spend days

4. Write in my blog twice a week

5. Spend 15 mins a day writing in my journal

6. Make cookies from scratch

7. Take Ayanna to Disneyland

8. Go to boysenberry festivalat Knott’s Berry Farm

9. Run 3 times a week

10. Go to gym twice a week

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25 Things To Do Before You’ve Finished Being 25

I have two weeks to see what I can do from this list

The Running Jewess

A very close friend of mine recently wrote an article about the 25 things to do before you’ve finished being 25. Reading over it I realized that I have many of the same goals for this upcoming year. Tomorrow I will be turning 25 and I don’t want to go another year without addressing the items on this list. I’ve already gotten a start on many of them, but there are some I’ll have to go out of my way to achieve. Even if you are already past 26, I suggest taking some time to make your way through it as well.

1. Learn to do something that you always thought was physically impossible.  As Nike has famously encouraged – just do it.

2. Make peace with your siblings. You’re old enough to know better now.

3. Live somewhere besides your hometown (even if it’s only for a…

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