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Low Buy October Challenge

I did ok in September financially, but I feel like I can do even better this month. Last month I spent about $430 on groceries, most of that was junk food and not necessities. I made it my goal in October to only spend $300. I also spent way too much on mobile games, almost $30, which isnt so bad as previous years. I would normally spend $50-$70 a MONTH on mobile games. What a waste of money. I once spent $300 on Candy Crush a few years ago. I quit playing after that. My main goal is to be intentional with my spending. Not only do I want to save money, but I also want to declutter and prevent more stuff from coming in my house.


  1. Limit spending in Target
  2. Limit spending on Amazon
  3. No using credit cards
  4. Limit spending in Walmart
  5. No new clothes
  6. No new soaps or skincare products
  7. No buying junk food from the grocery store
  8. No buying cereal, cookies, or drinks (I have too many at home)
  9. Use up what I have in the pantry and freezer

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