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August 2022 Goals Recap

I only accomplished one goal, failed the rest. very disappointing.

  1. Read 5 books *This one is the easiest goal for me, I usually read 10 books a month
  2. Have 250 followers on TikTok x Not even close, I have around 160 followers
  3. Spend less than $60 on fast food x I spent about $75
  4. Run 5 times x I almost made it. I ran 4 times, about 18 miles
  5. Make $300 with Athena Rose x Didn’t have a single sale
  6. Go to Knott’s Berry Farm at least once x Took my daughter to Knott’s once
  7. Post 10 videos on TikTok x I made about 4 or 5 videos

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