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Day and Weekend Trips To Do in 2022

Earlier this year, I went to Portland, Oregon and Seattle, Washington. I went there for a week to celebrate my daughter’s 3rd birthday and my birthday ( our birthdays are a week apart). Two of my sisters also went along. That was our big trip for the year. I would love to do some more travelling, but I think this year I plan to do smaller trips. The trips I am planning will mostly be one day and weekend trips, as well as places we can vist for a few hours. Here are a few places I would love to visit with my family and my daughter. Most of these places are 2-3 hours away from us here in California. Only out of state place on my list is Las Vegas.

  1. Adventure City
  2. Oceanside
  3. Cabazon Dinosaurs
  4. Calico Ghost Town
  5. Ojai
  6. San Diego Zoo
  7. San Diego Safari Park
  8. Sesame Street Place
  9. Solvang
  10. Ostrichland
  11. Manzanar
  12. Las Vegas

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