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June 2022 Goals Recap

June was a tough month for me. I think i set goals for myself that are way too hard for me to accomplish. I think for the month of July, I will set less goals and goals that I feel I can accomplish.

  1. Read 15 books * I accomplished this one! I read exactly 15 books
  2. Run 20 miles x I only ran 4.16 miles
  3. Spend less than $50 on Amazon * Spent less than that
  4. Spend less than $50 at Target x Spent almost $100
  5. Write 5 posts on my blog x Only posted twice
  6. Post 3 videos on YouTube x Didn’t post a single video
  7. Post 5 videos on TikTok x Didn’t post a single video
  8. Post 3 times a week on Instagram x I haven’t been very active on social media lately
  9. Take my daughter out 2 days a week x sadly, this didn’t happen because I was usually too tired from work
  10. Have 200 followers on TikTok x was at around 150 last time I checked
  11. Grocery budget $350 – I spent $351, so technically I went over, but only by $1. Not bad considering I bought a lot of junk food.

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