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Low Buy Year 2022

Last year I decided to do a no buy year but failed. I think the problem was that I expected to go from shopaholic to not buying a single thing. This year I will do a low buy year, which means I won’t be as strict, but still plan to be more intentional about my purchases. Everyone has different rules based on where they are in their lives. These are my rules for 2022.

Can’t Buy/Spend Money

Clothes for me

Shoes for me

Subscriptions (once special prices run out)




Disney Emoji Blitz


Toys for Selena

Notebooks and pens

Can’t Buy Until I Run Out



Shampoo Bars

Lip Balm


Can Buy

1 pair of running shoes

Race entries

Business supplies

Clothes for Selena


Fast Food (1-2 times a month)

I’ll do a recap at the end of the month to see how it’s going for me. Excited for this challenge and to see everyone else who is participating too!


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