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September 2021 Goals Recap

I did a little better last month with my goals.

  1. Run 30 miles * I ran 32 miles! Most miles I have ran in a single month this year
  2. Go to Universal Studios *I went earlier this week with my family and had a lot of fun
  3. Go to Knott’s Berry Farm *I didn’t get to go here, but I plan to go next week
  4. Write 5 blog posts x I only wrote 3 posts last month
  5. Save $400 * I saved a little over $400 last month
  6. No eating out except at theme parks x failed this one too
  7. $300 Grocery budget *x i went over this, but only by about $3
  8. No shopping on Amazon x i shopped a few times for my business
  9. No Target Shopping x shopped there a few times
  10. No buying supplies for Athena Rose x i did buy some fragrance oils, but i only made one order in the month of September, which is better than the past few months

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