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July 2021 Goals Recap

Here’s how I did with my goals this month. I did ok, but hoping to do better in August.

No shopping at Target

I shopped at Target twice, but both times for necessary things. I got 2 pairs of shoes for my daughter and a water bottle for her

$250 grocery budget

I spent approx $375 on groceries this month. I will probably raise my budget for next month.

Read 3 books

One of the few goals I did accomplish.

Write 5 posts for blog

Yes, I did post 5 times on my blog

Run 20 miles

I only ran 6.2 miles this month and that was at the San Diego 10k race that I did

$100 eating out budget

I barely made it! Ecven though I went to San Diego this month, I only spent $96 on fast food in July

Spend less than $20 on disney emoji blitz game

I was so close, but I spent $30 on this game

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