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March Goals and Recap

I wrote these goals and forgot to post then on my blog. Oops! Here are my ten goals from last month and let you know if I accomplished them or not.

1. Run 30 miles- this was a massive fail, didn’t run one single mile

2. Post 2 videos on YouTube- another fail, didn’t post any videos

3. Read 3 books -did this, I might have read 4 or 5 books

4. Meet Athena Rose sales goal- another fail, I only made 45% of my goal

5. Publish five posts on blog -fail, I didnt reach this goal

6. Pay off PayPal- this was a huge goal and I accomplished this! Used my tax refund to pay off the last $3,400 that I owed. What a relief to be done with that

7. Pay off Bank of America cc – I paid off $2,000 of this in March, so happy!

8. Pay off Chase 2 card- also paid this off, it was only $1,000

9. Pay off Amazon cc- didn’t pay this off, but im hoping to pay it off by the end of the year, I only owe about $1,400

10. Grocery limit was $50- this was a failure, I spent $85


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