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January 2021 Goals Recap

Last month was another disappointing month as I did not reach my goals yet again. Maybe I am setting my goals way too high, which is why I continue to fail meeting them over and over again. I am hoping that this month I can reach my goals, we’ll see.

1. Post 5 times on my blog *This is one thing I accomplished

2. Run at least 32 miles to celebrate my bday and my daughter’s bday. *I only ran 6 miles in the entire month of January

3. Run 3 times a week. *I only ran 3 or 4 times in the month.

4. Take lunch to work *I rarely worked long enough to take a lunch and the couple times I did, I bought lunch

5. Workout once a week * I still haven’t started working out again

6. No buying fast food * I only bought fast food once, which isn’t too bad considering in December I spent $100

7. Read 5 books *I read 4 books


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