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August Goals Recap

I was very disappointed in myself. I set some very easy goals for myself in August, but didn’t accomplish most of my goals sadly. Here is a quick recap.

  1. Run 10 miles- FAIL I didn’t run a single mile in August, second month in a row with 0 miles

2. Read 3 books- PASS, I read a few books during August

3. Post 3 times on my blog – FAIL I only posted ONCE in August

4. Sell 25 items either on my website or Etsy – sadly, this was also a FAIL. Didn’t sell 25 items last month

5. Be active at least twice a week, this could include running, walking, or using the arc trainer – FAIL, Didn’t do a single workout last month

Only met 1 goal out of 5. Hoping to do better this month


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