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People I Follow on YouTube

A year ago, I didn’t really watch YouTube much. I really only used YouTube to watch music videos. Now I am subscribed to 35-40 accounts. I follow a variety of accounts, from soap making channels, eco friendly and zero waste channels, to anti mlm channels. Here are my favorite accounts.

Soap Making/DIY

If you are into making your own soap or a fan of diy, give these accounts a follow.

Royalty Soaps


Tara Lee


Financial/Debt Free Journey

These accounts are so helpful whether you are trying to save money, make money, or pay off debt.

Debt Free Millenials

The Financial Diet

The Budget Mom

One Big Happy Life


Zero Waste/Eco Friendly/Vegan

You can learn so much about being eco friendly and zero waste from these accounts. A few even talk about veganism, including what vegan products to use and vegan recipes.

Gittemary Johansen

Vegan Dynamite

Bottega Zero Waste

Sustainably Vegan


Going Zero Waste


Anti MLM

I am very anti mlm and I have learned so much by watching these channels. They will tell you the truth about mlms and why you should stay as far away from them as possible.

Cruel World Happy Mind

Kiki Chanel

Emily Leah

Savannah Marie



My goal is to be more minimalist and have less stuff. These channels give tips on how you can achieve that.

Allison Anderson


Matt D’Avella



Couldn’t find a way to categorize these accounts. Some of these channels post about motherhood, fitness, funny reactions to videos, journaling, mental health, and social commentary.


Crimson Rose

But First, Coffee

Frugal Fit Mom


The Personal Philosphy Project

SSSniper Wolf


Briannah Jewel


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