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June Goals Recap

These were my goals from June. Sadly, I failed most of them.

Use my phone less than 36 hours a week, this comes out to a little under 6 hours a day

-I came few two weeks, but the next two weeks I used my phone about 38-42 hours each week

No streaming services aka Netflix, Prime, or Hulu

-Watched Netflix one day and watched Hulu another day, only because I forgot to cancel my Hulu account before I was charged, oops!
Only shop on Amazon once

-I shopped there 9 times!
No Twitter, Facebook, or Snapchat

-Posted once or twice on Snapchat, once on Twitter, and posted once on Facebook, though I went on almost every single day
Run 20 miles

-This was one of the few goals I accomplished. I ran 21 miles in June, including a virtual OC Half Marathon
No shopping at Target

-Shopped at Target twice, which isn’t too bad
20 No spend days

-Not sure how many no spend days I had, but it wasn’t close to 20 days
Read 7 books

I did this goal too, Read about 10 books last month.
No fast food

-Had fast food twice
No YouTube

_I watched YouTube at least 5 days a week


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